Episode XLviii – Pankaj Jethwani of W Health Ventures

As the heath-tech startup ecosystem sees increasing interest, funding, and valuations in India, We delved deep into a conversation with a Doctor turned VC investor for a refreshing perspective on the space! Our guest Pankaj Jethwani, Executive Vice President of W Health Ventures, sheds light on the following: What motivated Pankaj to become a doctor?Continue reading “Episode XLviii – Pankaj Jethwani of W Health Ventures”

Episode XLvii – Dhruv Toshniwal, Founder of The Pant Project

Most people believe that an affluent entrepreneurial family provides one a leg up in the entrepreneurial journey. But like any star-kid will tell you, these comparisons are for the outsiders who are looking in. The reality for someone like Dhruv Toshniwal, scion to the Banswara Syntex family and now the founder of The Pant Project,Continue reading “Episode XLvii – Dhruv Toshniwal, Founder of The Pant Project”