Episode XL- AMA Anniversary special episode

#DamaniTalks has completed a glorious year! In last week’s #AskMeAnything episode, I answered your queries on the journey of fundraising. From inception to the ups and downs to the teamwork and the moment when it all comes together! Key takeaway’s from the episode What should be the exact time of fundraising? Does the team sizeContinue reading “Episode XL- AMA Anniversary special episode”

Episode XXXvii- #AskMeAnything on ‘Business Continuity Amidst The Pandemic’

In these trying times, entrepreneurs are eagerly trying to define the “new normal” for their respective businesses. We have come across numerous queries on the fundamentals of maintaining business continuity in such uncertain times. In this week’s #DamaniTalks #AskMeAnything special episode, I tried to answer as many questions as possible on “How to maintain businessContinue reading “Episode XXXvii- #AskMeAnything on ‘Business Continuity Amidst The Pandemic’”

#DamaniTalks – Ask Me Anything on ‘Personal Finances for founders’

Founders of early-stage startups face many financial constraints at the onset. Mismanagement of personal finance is a common reason why many companies are forced to wind up their businesses. So, I’m here to help you out! In this special episode, I covered the topic of ‘Personal Finance for founders’  Takeaways from this episode Why didContinue reading “#DamaniTalks – Ask Me Anything on ‘Personal Finances for founders’”