Episode XLviii – Pankaj Jethwani of W Health Ventures

As the heath-tech startup ecosystem sees increasing interest, funding, and valuations in India, We delved deep into a conversation with a Doctor turned VC investor for a refreshing perspective on the space!

Our guest Pankaj Jethwani, Executive Vice President of W Health Ventures, sheds light on the following:

  • What motivated Pankaj to become a doctor? What was his trigger to change from being a doctor to becoming part of Management? What is the value of an MBA from Wharton?
  • Pankaj’s experience in the non-profit, social & healthcare space. How did Pankaj get into Iora Health? What were the key differences between the healthcare space between India & the US? What was his experience like working in a high-flying US startup?
  • Pankaj’s background and role with W Health Ventures? What is W Health’s investment focus? What areas is Pankaj looking at personally? Did Pankaj’s on-the-ground experience in healthcare and management consulting experience help him pick founding teams?
  • How does Pankaj choose the founders he wants to invest in? How does W Health Ventures help businesses, over and above the capital? What does he look for in a company before investing?
  • What is The Breakfast Revolution, and what does the program include? Over the years, Pankaj has served 2,20,000 children over 20 million fortified meals; how does he continue making such an impact?
  • How does Pankaj get the best mentors for himself? Pankaj’s advice to budding entrepreneurs. Where does Pankaj see W Health ventures in the next 5 years?

Pankaj’s book recommendations

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