A simple MVP is the key to disrupting a market & introducing my next guest on #DamaniTalks!

There is clear evidence that many of the most recognized technology companies in the world (and in India) started with simple & crude first version products:  

The list is endless.  

Simple MVPs get created with the simple intention of obtaining validated learning which is a vital element of the lean startup approach made famous by Eric Ries.  

Instead of reading about the stories of simple MVPs becoming businesses valued at billions (if not trillions) of dollars, we have Dharmil Sheth of PharmEasy sharing the story of a simple image capturing app becoming a business valued at over $4 billion.  

Not many know this, but Pharmeasy went viral with over 40,000 users using its MVP app with ZERO marketing costs.  

Just how did PharmEasy do that?   

Tune in at 9 pm tonight to find out!  

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