Episode XL- AMA Anniversary special episode

#DamaniTalks has completed a glorious year! In last week’s #AskMeAnything episode, I answered your queries on the journey of fundraising. From inception to the ups and downs to the teamwork and the moment when it all comes together!

Key takeaway’s from the episode

  • What should be the exact time of fundraising? Does the team size matter to the investors? Is it ok to approach seed round before launching the product?
  • Is it necessary for the founder to work full-time to raise the fund? How can solopreneurs raise pre-seed funding?
  • What is the ideal turnaround time for VC firms to invest in startups? Do founders have to create a prototype for fundraising?
  • How is raising money for a venture fund different from raising money for a startup? Are Indian LPs able to generate returns from funds in India?
  • What attributes have I found to be a good trait in startup founders? What are my thoughts on strategic investors? What are some tips for entrepreneurs on how to evaluate their potential investors? Scalability before Profit or Profit before scalability?

Watch this episode

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