Episode XXXix- Srikanth Sundararajan, General Partner at VenturEast

In this week’s episode of #DamaniTalks we had Dr. Srikanth Sundararajan, General Partner at VenturEast. With over 33+ years of entrepreneurial and investor experience, he has had an impressive journey!

VenturEast is one of the longest-standing venture capital fund managers in India, investing since 1997 and managing close to $325+ million. They have 100+ investments in Technology, Healthcare, and Clean Environment

Key takeaways from this episode

  • How did Dr. Srikanth’s education help him develop managerial skills? What was his role at Hewlett-Packard? What made Dr. Srikanth chose this role and the company in 1988?
  • After working at Informix, why did Dr. Srikanth decide to leave and build something of his own? Where did the name Pretzel Logic Software Inc come from? What was the genesis of the idea? Why did Dr. Srikanth decide to move on from Pretzel after 9 years?
  • What was Dr. Srikanth’s experience like having held CXO level roles at some of the biggest names in the technology space? When did he begin investing in startups? What was Dr. Srikanth’s key learning from his time at Helion Advisors? Why did he leave Helion Advisors and start teaching in IIT?
  • Why did Dr. Srikanth decide to join Ventureast as a general partner instead of going out on your own? What are the exciting companies in VenturEast’s current portfolio? What are his focus verticals?

Dr. Srikanth’s author recommendations:

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