Episode XXXvi- Priya Goel Sheth, Co-founder of Hobspace

HobSpace is a platform for extracurricular activities (online and offline) for kids between 3-14 years. The brand has partnered with schools and specialist trainers to provide training and conduct lessons based on children’s hobbies and sports requirements.

Priya is the Co-founder of Hobspace and has over six years of experience working with corporate giants such as Goldman Sachs and S&P Capital IQ. After seeing an opportunity in experiential and cognitive building blocks-based models, she co-founded Hobspace, a platform to provide a holistic learning experience for children.

Here’s what you can take away from this episode

  • Why did Priya decide to pick up entrepreneurship? What were Priya’s key takeaways from this experience from working at S&P Capital and Goldman Sachs? What was it like working for a fast-growing company?
  • What was Priya’s role at Pharmeasy? What was it like for Priya to work with her husband? How did the inspiration for Hobspace come in when she was working for Pharmeasy?
  • What was the initial idea behind hobspace? How did Priya meet your co-founders, Harsh Jain and Bhaskar Raju Konduru? What was the skillset she was looking for in her co-founders?
  • How did the pandemic affect Hobspace? How was the shift from physical to virtual classes?  How is Hobspace different from other extracurricular activity platforms?
  • What were the reasons behind the pivot? What are the steps Priya had to take while making the pivot? What was the discussion Priya had with the stakeholders (internal and external) regarding the pivot? What’s the result today?
  • What are the different activities children can explore on Hobspace?  How was Priya’s experience of raising funds for the first time? Where does Priya see Hobspace in the next ten years? What’s the next market she’s looking at for Hobspace?

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