#DamaniTalks – Ask Me Anything on ‘Personal Finances for founders’

Founders of early-stage startups face many financial constraints at the onset. Mismanagement of personal finance is a common reason why many companies are forced to wind up their businesses. So, I’m here to help you out!

In this special episode, I covered the topic of ‘Personal Finance for founders’ 

Takeaways from this episode

  • Why did I choose this particular topic? What are some financial constraints that early-stage startup founders are unaware of? 
  • How do early-stage startups protect against mismanagement of funds? How should one know which functions to not invest in that drain and might not yield a return?
  • Is it acceptable for founders building a product to do a part-time job? When should a founder start drawing his/her monthly salary? What parameters should early-stage startups use to decide the right salary for a founder?
  • Does getting a safe note affect valuation? How should one define what expenses should be expensed out from the company and what shall not? If a company is running on a freemium model, what is considered as traction for early-stage startups?
  • How much personal funding too much risk for a founder? At what stage can a founder look at becoming an angel investor? What are the cardinal rules of saving and investing when you’re an entrepreneur?
  • What measures or precautions should a new or early-stage founder, with limited savings or personal funding to rely on, take? What are the common challenging monetary situations founders find themselves in?  

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