Episode XXXiii – Anindya Datta, Founder of Mobilewalla

Anindya Datta is a PHD turned professor turned founder turned upcoming producer. He is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Mobilewalla, a global leader in consumer intelligence solutions.

Mobilewalla provides innovative data solutions that help data and marketing professionals better understand their customers. The offering enables their clients to build precise AI models that better analyse and predict consumer behavior and drive business results.

Key takeaways from the episode

  • What was it like to be at IIT Karagpur at that time? What role did Anindya’s extensive education play in his entrepreneurial career? How crucial was Anindya’s experience of being a faculty at Georgia tech?
  • How was the idea behind Chutney Technologies conceptualised? What did Chutney Technologies do? How did Anindya get some of the best investors like Vinod Khosla on board? What is his learning from Chutney Technologies that he still carries with him today?
  • What did Walking Stick Solutions do? What was the trigger that told Anindya to shut Walking Stick? How would Anindya describe his experience at Walking Stick in one word? What did he learn from your experience here?
  • How was the idea of Mobilewalla born? Did Anindya know that Mobilewallla would be as big as it is today? Why did he decide to pivot to mobile audience measurement?
  • What is Mobilewalla today and what does it do? What size should a business be before they approach Mobilewalla? How has Covid19 changed their business strategy? What’s Anindya’s biggest lesson from the pandemic?
  • How does Anindya manage to lead a team that is scattered globally? What is the key to creating a good work culture? Where does he see Mobilewalla in the next 3 years?

Anindya’s books recommendations:

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