Episode XXXi- Shelley Saxena, Founder of Sevamob

Sevamob is an AI-enabled mobile-based platform that provides comprehensive primary healthcare to organizations in India and the US. Sevamob’s care includes general health, vision, dental, nutrition, cardio-metabolic, infectious disease and ENT.

Shelley, an MBA degree holder from Cornell, is the Founder and CEO of Sevamob. He has previously worked with IBM and co-founded the profitable mobile technology company.

Key takeaways from the episode

  • Being a part of IBM for 10 years, what were Shelley’s key takeaways from his experience there?
  • What was Shelley’s motivation behind building his first startup, Saasmob? What were the biggest takeaways from this Saasmob journey?
  • How was the idea behind Sevamob conceptualised? How did Shelley decide the speciality services he wanted to have in Sevamob? What is the price point for Sevamob?
  • How did Shelley convince his first set of customers to back his technology? How many countries is Sevamob available in currently? What was Shelley’s pitch like during his first round of funding?
  • How does Shelley manage to run his company based out of another country? What are the 3 major differences between running a business in the US as compared to India? Where does Shelley see Sevamob in the next 10 years?

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