Episode XXviii- Shivalik Sen, Co-Founder of Vahanalytics

Vahanalytics is a data analytics startup that allows organizations to track their vehicle fleet operations. The startup aimed to promote safe driving behavior among drivers and fleet owners by utilizing sensor data from smartphones and from tracking hardware in-built into vehicles. In 2019 Bike taxi app Rapido acqui-hired Mumbai-based Vahanalytics. The entire tech team of Vahanalytics had been moved to Rapido to set up the data science department.

Shivalik Sen is the co-founder of Vahanalytics. He is an engineer who set up his own driver analytics platform which was creating better drivers and safer roads by using cutting edge big data and machine learning techniques. Vahanalytics got acquired by Rapido and Shivalik went on to build his own models from scratch to build a better customer experience for Rapido.

Here’s what you can learn from this episode

  • What did Driven do? What were the challenges Shivalik faced at Driven?
  • How did Shivalik meet his co-founders? What convinced Shivalik to finally pivot?
  • What did Vahanalytics do?
  • What was Shivalik’s experience raising VC money? How did Shivalik manage his investors?
  • What were the biggest challenges Shivalik faced at Vahanalytics? What were his key takeaways from his experience?
  • What was the trigger that told Shivalik that he must sell Vahanalytics?
  • How was the transition from Vahanalytics to Rapido? What are some of the data science problems Rapido is solving?

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