Episode XXvi- Omkar Shirhatti, Co-Founder of Karza Technologies

Mumbai-based Karza Technologies is a banking and business intelligence solution provider, set out to create products that empower lending institutions and corporates with cloud-based solutions for informed and intelligent decisions.

Omkar Shirhatti is the co-founder of Karza Technologies. Before co-founding Karza Technologies, he served as a senior consultant at Ernst and Young, a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction, and advisory services. he holds a prolific experience of over 12 years in the fields of fraud investigations and background checks

Here’s what you can learn from this episode

  • How did Omkar’s education help him in his entrepreneurial journey? Why did Omkar join the fraud investigation team EY?
  • Why did he join EY over becoming an entrepreneur right away? What was the trigger that pushed Omkar to become an entrepreneur in this field? What products does Karza provide?
  • How does Karza solve the challenges of the BFSI Sector? How is Karza score different from other credit bureau scores? How did Omkar meet his co-founders?
  • Omkar’s decision on adding a co-founder. How did Covid affect Karza? What was Omkar’s experience in fundraising? What are the things Omkar does that help him achieve his best productivity?

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