Episode XXv- Ramakant Sharma, Co-Founder of Livspace

Livspace is an online retail platform for in-home designs & furniture for home improvement. The platform enables users to fill out forms, book professionals & receive quotes for the designs. The company provides installation services.

Ramakant Sharma is the co-Founder of Livspace and an active angel investor. Before founding Livspace, Ramakant was a core team member and Vice President of Engineering at Myntra, leading fashion e-commerce. He has around 11 + years of experience in software product development, product management, entrepreneurship, and online marketing.

Here’s what you can learn from this episode

  • Ramakant’s journey from IIT-K to Myntra to Livspace
  • Why those that do not “start-up” are really the ones taking the most risk
  • The growth of e-commerce ARPUs from ₹100 ARPU to ₹8-10 lakhs and where it is headed
  • Why you should be selling solutions and not products/services
  • How can founders being a business in areas where they have no prior knowledge
  • The secret sauce behind the success of Livspace
  • How to calculate LTV in spaces where there will be 1-2 lifetime transactions
  • Principles of current age economics
  • Why Ramakant became an angel? What is he looking for in founders? How to reach out to him?

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