Episode XXiii – Avinash Gupta, Co-founder of ASAPPP

ASAPPP provides customized products and services that have enabled them to deliver highly efficient business solutions to their worldwide clients through unmatched expertise and cutting edge technology.

Avinash Gupta  took the 3rd plunge into entrepreneurship by founding ASAPPP  in 2017. In his early days, he started selling digital cameras below the market price in India. After pursuing his education in IIT Bombay he revived AVN Marketing, which was the same company that would later metamorphose into Bookmycab. He sold Book my cab in 2016 and is now a co-founder of ASAPPP.com and an investor.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from this episode

  • How was the Indian startup ecosystem in Bihar? How did Avinash decide to pursue M.Tech in IIT Bombay after founding AVN Marketing and running it for a year?
  • What was Avinash’s role at Financial Technologies and in the project for the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius?
  • How was the idea of Bookmycab born? What was Avinash’s mission at the outset initially?
  • How did the market change when Ola and Uber entered the fray? What were the biggest Challenges Avinash faced?
  • What was the trigger that told Avinash that he must sell Bookmycab? What was the biggest takeaway from this BookMyCab journey?
  • What is the USP of ASAPPP? What made Avinash choose this type of business?
  • What type of businesses is Avinash investing in? What are some of the companies he has invested in?

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