Episode XXii – Ragini Das, Co-founder of leap.club

LeapClub is on a mission to get more women in leadership positions through a private and community-led professional network.

Ragini founded LeapClub in Jan 2020 along with her cofounder Anand Sinha. She was previously working in Zomato for 6 years, during her tenure there Zomato Gold was founded which broke the internet and redefined the path for Zomato.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from this episode

  • Why did Ragini decide to go to the UK to study and not the US? (Lancaster University)
  • How did Ragini’s experiences growing up as an army child do something for her career?
  • Why did Ragini choose to join Zomato which was less than 6 years old at that time?
  • How was Zomato gold created?
  • How Ragini is building on the Zomato gold legacy with LeapClub?
  • Why did Ragini choose to open a Women’s only club?
  • Ragini’s experience raising money and how she convinced her investors?
  • What the LeapPaid membership is all about?

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