Episode XXi – Abhishek Poddar, Co-founder of Plum

Plum provides health insurance and benefits marketplace for employers. They offer coverage for employees, spouses, children, parents, and siblings. Employees can also customize insurance plans with multiple health benefits.  
Abhishek co-founded Plum in 2019, the 3rd startup under his belt. He has previously worked at McKinsey, Google, Swaylo, and graduated from IIT Kanpur and Stanford Business School. Join us on Thursday at 9 pm.

Key takeaways from this episode

  • How did Abhishek’s education help him in his entrepreneurial journey?
  • What did Swaylo do? What was Abhishek’s role there? How was his first experience with a startup was at Swaylo?
  • What was RentZeal? What was Abhishek’s inspiration for RentZeal?
  • What was Abhishek’s role at Google? What was his experience like leading the launch of Google Pay? What was his takeaways from Google’s work culture?
  • What is Hypertrack? What does one need to accomplish to become a co-founder 3 years after a company has been established? How was Abhishek’s first experience of raising VC money like? How did he develop a patent for “Systems and methods for receiving sensor data from a mobile device?”
  • What does Plum do? What made Abhishek decide to start a company in a space where you have no experience? How did COVID19 affect operations/valuation?

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