Episode XX – Ajay Hattangdi, F(o)under of Alteria Capital

Alteria Capital is India’s largest Venture Debt fund, focused on innovative startups backed by strong VC sponsors. They provide financial solutions to help entrepreneurs transform and grow their businesses to their full potential.  

Ajay Hattangdi founded the company in 2018 and has been an expert in the venture lending space since 2005. Alteria Capital marks the 3rd startup he has founded under his belt. He has also founded a non-profit called Praja Foundation, which conducts research and provides information on civic issues to citizens, media, and government.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from this episode

  • Why did Ajay go to the U.S. for his education and make the conscious decision of returning to India, even though he could have gotten a higher paying job among other perks?
  • What made his first job at Citibank a high-stress environment, and why wasn’t it what he thought it be like? What life lessons did he take away from his 12-year experience at Citibank?
  • How did Ajay convince his superiors at Citibank to invest in a new line of business — venture debt. What were the challenges of establishing this project in India at a time where there were only a handful of venture capitalists?
  • Why did Ajay quit his comfortable job at Citibank to start his own venture debt fund? How did he convince his wife and his peers that this was a good idea? How long did it take to do the market research and talk to experts in the industry?
  • Why is the team such an important factor when starting a business? What is the difference between a bad-performing employee and a bad employee? 
  • How does Alteria get ahead of its competition and not just provide startups with capital, but a holistic approach to supporting their portfolio companies? 

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