Episode XViii – Pranjal Prashar, Co-founder of Repup

Repup.co is a B2B SaaS hospitality platform that provides services from booking confirmations to upsells and all the way through to driving positive online volumes.

Pranjal Prashar is a second-time founder who started Repup with his co-founder, Vineet in 2015. Repup recently merged with Hotelogix and AxisRooms. His first company, Piquor, provided photo booths for locations/functions such as malls, weddings, etc.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this episode

  • Why is this the right time for startups with innovative technologies to test their resilience in the market? How his father’s job exposed him to a lot of travel from very early on and building a company around his past travel experiences.
  • How did his job as a consultant at Aujas Networks help him understand entrepreneurs and their plights? What did he use from his experience to develop and hone his entrepreneurial spirit? What kind of work experience should founders have before they start their own ventures? Why should you work at small, medium, and large organizations?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing your manufacturing to a third party? Why is it never a good long-term solution? How did his first entrepreneurial venture with Piquor help segue him into starting Repup? What did his client, ITC, mention that made the idea for Repup click?
  • What made Pranjal and his team decide to shut down their SME vertical and focus only on mid-size companies and enterprises? Why they didn’t just reduce the prices of their service. Why does Pranjal believe that if you don’t try 100 times, chances are you haven’t succeeded yet? How did cold-calling Sanjay Mehta lead to onboarding him as an invaluable mentor, and eventually, funding?
  • How did Pranjal convince his investors that India wasn’t the market for them, and what were the benefits and challenges of targeting the global market? What did they change about their strategy and their business going global? What do they need to consider before entering a market?

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