Episode XVii – Ashish Tulsian, Co-founder of Posist

Episode XVii – Ashish Tulsian, Cofounder of Posist 

Posist is a platform that lets owners automate their cloud kitchen operations and manage restaurant business efficiently. They are trusted by over 8000+ clients and are present in 20 countries. 

Ashish co-founded Posist in 2011 with his wife, Sakshi. Posist has been his 3rd (and most successful) venture yet. Ashish is a fine example of the journey of a founder going against the grain. He started his first company with no prior work/management experience straight out of college. He exited the telecom space when most players were beginning to enter it. He wrote off his investment in running a restaurant to focus on his strengths and founded Posist. 

Here’s what you can expect to learn from this episode

  • Can you start and (successfully) run your own business right after you graduate – without ANY other work experience? What made Ashish decide to hire two of his college batchmates and do precisely that? How did he run and sell it successfully? 
  • Why did Ashish choose to exit his first company, TechnoApex Software, after learning that telecom is one of India’s highest regulated sectors. When is it okay for a founder to “give up?” How was the experience being a part of the Delhi start-up ecosystem? 
  • How Ashish built Posist from the ashes of a failed venture? Why was it better to quit the restaurant and write off the money lost rather than trying to chase it? 
  • Why is it more important to have empathy when building a business, rather than a new/unique idea? 
  • How did support from investors and accelerators like  Morpheus changed Ashish’s opinion on funding. Why did the brutal honesty from the investors make him realize their true value? 
  • How did becoming an angel investor make Ashish introspect and realize his mistakes as a founder? 

Ashish’s Book Recommendations: 

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