Episode XIV – Suhail Chandhok, Co-founder of Kabaddi Adda

Kabaddi Adda is the place for all enthusiasts looking for Kabaddi news, videos, players interviews, match reports, & insights! They also provide deep analytics and insights for cricket teams such as the Chennai Super Kings.

Apart from being the co-founder of Kabaddi Adda, Suhail is a TV Presenter, Anchor, and Expert Analyst for over 15 different competitions, and is recognized by viewers across the nation. In the past, he also has experience as a cricket coach and a professional cricketer.

Here’s what you will learn in this episode

  • What was it like for Suhail growing up in a sports family? With a full family of motorsport professionals and enthusiasts, what made him choose cricket instead? Why did Suhail decide to coach an Australian Cricket team?
  • What was his experience starring in Veeram (2014), a top-grossing Kollywood film with superstar Ajith? Did Suhail expect his movie to be as big as it is? How did he experience South Indian fandom? Why did he decide to stop starring in movies and shifted to Star Sports instead?
  • Does Suhail’s coaching training help him in his role as an anchor? How did his knee injury get him started on the journey to being a national TV Presenter/Anchor?
  • What does Kabaddi Adda do? How was the idea behind Kabbadi Adda conceptualised?
  • Why did the founders choose Artha Venture Fund as the sole investor in their company? What was it like for first-time entrepreneurs meeting the first-time fund managers? What does Artha bring to the table that other investors didn’t?
  • How was a contact sport like kabaddi affected by COVID-19? What is supercric? What is the correlation between spercric and Kabaddi? What is Ghar se Panga and Retro Live, and how did it serve as Kabaddi Adda’s adaption to the pandemic?

Suhail’s Book Recommendations:

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