Episode XIII – Mikhil Innani, Managing Director at Apollo Finvest

Apollo Finvest is a technology company with an NBFC license. They enable fintech’s to offer fully digital and compliant loans to their customers, like the AWS for loans.

Mikhil is currently the Managing Director of Apollo Finvest, and his journey only gets more interesting the further back you go. He is the Cofounder of PharmEasy and has worked at Hotstar and CouponDunia (as the 6th employee)!

Here’s what you can expect to learn from the discussion:

  • What was Mikhil’s role at CouponDunia? What was the culture like there? What did Mikhil’s stint at CouponDunia teach him about customer-centric development by increasing customer interaction? What was it like getting acquired by Times Internet?
  • What inspired Mikhil to start PharmEasy? How did interacting with customers at an early stage help them identify their target audience? How did he manage the expectations of a varied group of 12 investors? What did it take for Mikhil to get his first few customers? How was the conversation like internally when the competition started coming in? What was it that triggered Mikhil’s decision to exit PharmEasy?
  • What was Mikhil’s role in taking Hotstar from 10 million to 300 million monthly active users? How did he choose his dream team of 200+ people in engineering, product, and HR?
  • What makes Apollo Finvest the AWS of loans? How did he achieve VC-style returns of up to 30x with a listed company like Apollo Finvest? What is Apollo Finvest’s new feature – SONIC?
  • What is Mikhil’s advice for budding entrepreneurs and young founders?

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