Episode XII – Manish Tewari, Co-founder of PiggyRide

PiggyRide provides mobility solutions for schools and children. They also offer parents the ability to pay the school tuition through easy EMIs. They’re the perfect service for urban parents.

Manish founded PiggyRide in 2019 as the third venture under his belt. He is the founder of Koovs, which is now a listed company on AIM stock exchange, and Pokkt.

Here’s what you will learn from this episode

  • Why did Manish choose to start his own company instead of pursuing an engineering degree? How did his education help him in his entrepreneurial journey?
  • What was his idea behind starting his first start-up Koovs? Why did he decide to pivot Koovs? What was his experience like raising a million-dollar seed round back in 2009?
  • Why did he decide to list Koovs in the UK? What was it like raising 20 million dollars? What follows the extensive excitement (and paperwork) that goes into preparing for an IPO? What made him decide to exit a company?
  • Why did he decide to jump from an e-commerce company to a tech company- Pokkt? What was it like joining a company as a co-founder? What are the different strategies used to run a B2B company vs. a B2C company? What was it like to exit his 2nd company?
  • Where did the inspiration of the idea behind PiggiRide come from? How did Manish produce the name ‘PiggiRide’? Why did he decide to invite Rohan (Koovs colleague) as a co-founder? How does PiggyRide help parents shoulder the responsibility and security of their children?
  • Manish’s learnings from being an entrepreneur for 10 years and a founder of 3 startup ventures? What is his advice for budding founders/entrepreneurs?

Manish’s Book Recommendations:

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