Episode X – Sanjay Mehta, Investor, Founder of 100X.VC

Sanjay Mehta is a man that needs no introduction to people familiar with the venture capital ecosystem in India. He has founded over 5 companies, and invested in 100+ start-ups to date.

100X. VC is Sanjay Mehta’s latest venture that aims to invest in 100 start-ups using iSafe Notes in India – within a year. 100X.VC is sponsored by Sanjay’s family office – Mehta Ventures.

In today’s episode you will learn

  • What were the challenges Sanjay faced when he decided that he was going to take up entrepreneurship over an established job? What has Sanjay learned from his successful and unsuccessful ventures till date? How does he use this knowledge even today? What would Sanjay do differently as his first venture?
  • When did he decide to become an angel investor and start advising other companies?  What was the investment strategy he started with?
  • What was Mehta Ventures all about? What’s the difference between Mehta Ventures and 100X. VC?
  • How does maintaining an active online presence help Sanjay get access to the best deals? What are some ways in which you can leverage your online presence to expand your knowledge and network? What is his view on the online fitness and wellness sector?
  • What has Sanjay learned from his exits from two unicorns – OYO Rooms and EOS Blockchain? Why does he believe that “the investment in failure is the route to success.”? What did Sanjay see in Ritesh- founder of OYO?
  • What’s an investment he should have made but he did not? What are his top 3 industry picks for start-ups?  What does 100x do? What’s the best way founders can reach out to Sanjay?

Sanjay’s Book Recommendations:

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