Episode VIII – Naiyya Saggi, Founder of BabyChakra

BabyChakra is an online parent platform for pregnancy and childcare. They have over 6000 doctors on their platform and just launched a line of baby-safe sanitary products.

Naiyya Saggi is the founder and CEO of BabyChakra. She has incredible experience and a strong passion for her company, translating into the great work they’re doing!

In today’s episode, you will learn

  • Naiyya grew up in Calcutta. How did she land up as a founder and CEO of Baby Chakra? In between, she became a lawyer, got into consulting, and even went to Harvard on a full scholarship!
  • Why did Naiyya come back to India to become an entrepreneur? Has she faced any troubles or biases as a solo female founder? What’s the motivation behind opening a parenting platform before being a parent herself?
  • How did she raise capital from the likes of Mumbai Angels, Round Glass, and Equanimity? What did it take to convince a bunch of angels to invest in Baby Chakra? How has each investor helped build Baby Chakra in getting to where it is today?
  • What led to Baby Chakra witnessing a massive surge in viewership and engagement overnight? How did Naiyya understand her target segment? Did becoming a parent change Naiyya’s outlook and the way she looks at entrepreneurship?
  • Why is Baby Chakra planning to target tier 3 cities for the distribution of its products? What’s Naiyya’s advice to entrepreneurs that stay bootstrapped to avoid investor pressure? What advice does Naiyya have for fellow entrepreneurs?

Naiyya’s Topic Recommendation:

  • GPT3

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