Episode VII – Pranav Maheshwari, Co-founder of Vista Rooms

Vista Rooms provides experiences to customers at exquisite properties across India. They started as a budget hotel platform like OYO Rooms but decided to pivot their strategy, branding themselves as a luxury homestay brand.

Pranav Maheshwari is the CTO at Vista Rooms. Market conditions forced Vista Rooms to pivot before discovering their right target audience, creating, and becoming a category leader!

In this episode, you will learn

  • What was the genesis of this idea? How did he meet his co-founders? What was it like launching in a start-up space filled with well-funded competitors? How was Pranav convincing people to use Vista Rooms?
  • Why did Vista Rooms decide to pivot after raising money? What were the internal and external changes that were required when shifting from selling at ₹2,000/night to ₹20,000/night?
  • How did he manage to scale from 10 cities to 40 cities in just 1 year? When is Vista planning on going internationally? What was a conscious decision made by Pranav on geographic expansion?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted their business operations? What are “Workcations,” and how are tech founders using them? How do they ensure the hygiene Covid checklist is maintained on every property?
  • What is Pravan’s experience completing 5 years at Vista Rooms? How does he protect his brand from fake publicity? What is Vista’s most significant achievement, according to Pranav?

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