Episode IV – Avik Ashar, B2B Division Head at Zilingo

Zilingo is an online marketplace offering a product catalog including apparel, home decor, beauty accessories, and more. Sellers can list their products on their platforms.

Avik is the Head of B2B at Zilingo and is currently working on expanding their presence in the Middle East and Europe.  He started his journey as an angel investor with the Hiraco family office. 

Here are some of the topics of discussion 

  • What was it like to advise a family building wealth through diamonds to invest in tech companies? What were the roadblocks Avik faced in getting access to quality deals? How was Avik’s trip visiting the Morpheus for the first time? What were his key takeaways from this experience?  What did Avik learn from his first write-off?
  • What is Avik’s role at Zilingo? Why did Avik choose to work for Zilingo after developing the knack for VC investing with the Hiraco family office? How did Avik land the job with a fast-growing startup and become a part of the core team?
  • What were the key challenges that he faced at Zilingo? How did he resolve these challenges? What can Zilingo do for individuals who want to sell their products and go one leg above their competition?
  • What is it like for Avik to be on both sides of the board as a VC and a key man in a startup? What is Avik looking for currently in companies to add to his portfolio? What is Avik’s advice to fellow entrepreneurs looking to start, and how (or when) they should scale their ventures?

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