Episode III – Prerna Kalra, Co-founder of Daalchini

Daalchini is an operator of smart vending machines. Their app allows users to discover Daalchini kiosks near them and place orders from the catalog. They provide ready-to-eat Indian food to offices, apartments, and educational institutions through vending machines.

Prerna discovered the technology on a trip to China, where she was surprised to see vending machines providing home-cooked food. She specializes in Product Management. Conceptualisation & Building innovative products in Indian Payment industry.

Here are some of the topics of discussion: 

  • When did Prerna join Paytm? What was her intrapreneur role inside Paytm? What was it like working with Vijay Shekar Sharma? What were Prerna’s learnings from working at Paytm and with VSS that she took into her entrepreneurial career?
  • What was the trigger that inspired Prerna to start Daalchini? How does the Daalchini model work? How does it ensure quality for micro food transactions at a national scale? What is Prerna’s 5-year vision for Daalchini?
  • What does Daalchini provide to home chefs? How can home chefs or entrepreneurs link up with Daalchini? What is the additional income that home chefs make on Daalchini’s website?
  • What is the process like for organizations/individuals to own a vending machine? What is the payback period and ROI for individuals who want to set up a vending machine?
  • How did Daalchini pique the interest of marquee angel investors? How does Prerna keep herself updated and ahead of her industry? What is Prerna’s best advice to entrepreneurs? Prerna’s Book Recommendation:
  • The entrepreneurial bible to venture capital by Andrew Romans

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